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I've always had an interest in inventing my own devices and to use them in installations, creating the overall atmosphere of the space which based on reinterpretation of surroundings.

These things are specifically revealed through experiments where I attempt to induce experience that stimulate and renew the sense and movement of the body, the emotion or psychological state that are a recreation of ambiguous topic; which all occur by being confronted with the overall effect of the arrangement of sight, tactile sensation, hearing, or materials that can be felt specifically and touched.

Especially, the psychological suspense left from the experience of personal and mixed situations and gestures from unfamiliar environment are relieved by leaving traces of such suspense through the object made from neutral pieces of materials.
These mediators borrow their form from familiar objects such as images derived from nature itself, but they become ambiguous through slight distortion. At the same time, they become my storytelling tools equipped with my intentions, and the essence can be found as I contemplate the duality of the image that is seen among the exploration of defining the subtle differences between reality and imagination.

In recent years I have been fascinated with embroidery since it represents such a precise accumulation of time and effort. I have studied Korean embroidery skills to depict the surrealism of the subject matter – those uncanny images derived from nature itself.
As my primary discipline has been that of the sculptor, the study of material and materiality has always been a fascination. Rediscovering the use of traditional skills and sharing their primordial characteristics, are often the basis of my work.

When I look at the primitive samplers of old or even the ancient medieval embroideries, I feel an absolute identification with the person who worked the piece. My imagination wanders through their state of mind and their circumstances – their desires, their passions and fears.
As I produce my own works I like to think they might trigger the same sense of inquiry inspiring a new audience with wonder and intrigue.

2021 Yoon Kalim


Yoon Kalim
Born 1980, Seoul, Korea

2007-08 Research Development Programme, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK
2005-07 MFA, Sculpture, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London, UK
1999-04 BA of Fine Art/Sculpture & BA of Visual Communication Design,
College of Fine Art, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Solo Exhibitions

2021 <Tactile hours>, Space WillingnDealing, Seoul, Korea
2016 <Three types>, Space WillingnDealing, Seoul, Korea
2014 <Wiederentdeckte Gesichter>, Goethe- Institut, Seoul, Korea
2010 <Accumulated Traces>, Gallery Factory, Seoul, Korea
2009 <Kalim Yoon: Tactile Messages>, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark

Group Exhibitions
2022 Art Busan-Space Willingndealing, Busan, Korea
2022 <Unboxing Project>, NewSpring Project, Seoul, Korea
2021 <Off-Site>, SeMA Nanji Residency, Seoul, Korea
2021 <Round-Round-Round:GEUMCHEON-GU> ,Geumcheon Foundation for Art and Culture, Seoul, Korea
2020 <Re collect>, MoA, Seoul, Korea
2019 <The way a hare transforms into a tortoise>, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Copenhagne, Denmark
2018 <The lost world>, SeMA, Buk-Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2017 <Children’s garden>, Blume Museum of Contemporary Art, Paju, Korea
2016 <Madang>, MMCA & Hyundai Motors festival, National Museum of Modern & Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea
2016 <Young artist of our time>, Bank of Korea, Seoul, Korea
2016 <Alma mater 2>, Gana Art Centre, Seoul, Korea
2015 <Mindful mindless>, SOMA Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2014 <Design feisty>, K11 Art mall, Hong Kong, China
2013 <The mirror and the Lamp>, Shinsegae gallery, Seoul, Korea
2013 <Arrival>, Gallery Simon, Seoul, Korea
2012 <Do window>, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Window gallery Hyundai>, Gallery Hyundai, Seoul, Korea
2011 <The Sociological imagination of the city>, Geumcheon Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Adventure Playground>, PS. 333 Geumcheon Art Space, Seoul, Korea
2011 <Moa-invites 2011>, MoA (Museum of Art), Seoul, Korea
2010 <The hello show>, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 <Florence Trust summer exhibition>, Florence Trust, London, UK
2008 <It’s not there>, Woburn Research Centre, London, UK
2008 <Salon winter 08 show>, Salon Gallery, London, UK
2008 <New interventions in sculpture>, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark
2006 <Inaugural show>, Helene Nyborg Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark

Residencies & Award
2021 Nanji residency, Seoul Museum of Art,Seoul, Korea
2016 Naver Hello artist, Naver culture foundation, Korea
2015 Riddergade AIR, Viborg Kunsthal, Viborg, Denmark
2010-11 Artist in Residence Programme, Geumchoen Art Space, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea
2010 Funding for Community Art Project, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea
2010 Registered Artist, Soma Drawing Centre, Soma Museum, Seoul, Korea
2010 Culture & Art Creating Activity Supporting Programme, Seoul Foundation for Arts and Culture, Korea
2009-10 Artist in Residence Programme, National Goyang Art Studio, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea      
2009 Artist in Residence Programme, Danish Art Workshops, Copenhagen, Denmark
2008 Artist in Residence Programme, Florence Trust Studios, London, UK

Public Collections
Seoul Museum of Art
MoA, Seoul National University
Bank of Korea